October 22, 2015


Hi, and welcome to my blog.  I've wrestled a bit with what I should write.  I've done an entire book full of essays and tips, plus contributions to a number of magazines and photo-related blogs.


Don't want to do that again.  Instead, I will write about my ongoing efforts to clarify what it means to be a photographic artist in today's garish, overpopulated world.  I'll pick an image and discuss what was going through my head when I made it.  I'll share my questions about what a fine art photograph is in the first place.  And I'll let you know some of the struggles I've had with my work, and maybe even some of the failures – images that simply would not live up to their expectations, dratted little brutes.


Of course,  photos once published no longer belong to the artist, except in the legal sense (which is very important).  Once someone has seen a image, it's theirs forever (or only momentarily if they just block it from memory).  It is theirs to love, admire, despise, dismiss.  Its meaning is the meaning they assign to it.  Its value is determined by the viewer, not by the artist.


So, check in from time to time.  You may find something delightful in the galleries, or interesting ideas in this blog.  You won't know unless you visit!


Eric Hatch

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