The Swoosh Above, the Swoosh Below

November 27, 2015


I'd like to say a little about this picture, part of the "Beach After Hours" project. When I arrived on the beach after a day of rain, this was the scene that confronted me.  What I saw was the orderly raked-out sand with an incredibly dynamic sky above it.  The duality of the scene grabbed me:  order versus disorder, monochrome vs exciting color, energy vs. structure.  When I looked through the viewfinder my 14-24 mm wide angle lens hightened the contrast -- and brought out the mirred "swoosh" patterns that unite the sky and sand.  The sillhouetted beach huts provide a dividing point, something for the eye to fix upon.


My feelings on seeing all this were on the order of "Holy cow! this is amazing.  I have to get this." But awe was interlaced with all the compositional awareness described in the last paragraph; it was a very complicated moment.  I wanted to use all that structure to capture and convey the contrasts and dynamism of the intereaction between sky and sand.  I'm happy with the result; it looks great on e-finish paper at 16x24, and I think it will fare equally well on a watercolour stock.


For those who care about such things, the exposure was 24mm, 1/1250, f10, ISO 640. 

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